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Leaving you smooth and silky, our hot and strip waxes have been chosen so that even the finest of hairs are targeted. 

All areas of hair growth for women can be removed at the studio.



It is recommended for the face to have waxing or threading every 3-4 weeks

It is recommended for the Body areas to have waxing every 4-6 weeks

These timescales reflect the bodies hair growth cycle meaning your waxing treatment should subsequently last longer.

Price List

Lip (wax or thread)       £8

Chin (wax or thread)    £8

Nose                           £15

Full Face                     £25

Underarm                   £14

Half Arm                     £18

Full Arm                      £22

½ Leg                          £18

¾ Leg                         £25

Full Leg                      £28

Bikini                           £18

High Rise                   £22

Brazilian                     £32

Hollywood                 £35

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